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This rather eclectic collection was assembled over almost forty years and was an absolute pleasure to research for this presentation.


Jack and I were privileged to work with most of the artists whose work we collected and we enjoyed surrounding our world with their creations. A longer description of this collection follows.

Jack Solomon passed away in August 2012 and some important works were lost and stolen by trusted art dealers and people who were thought to be friends, following his death and the closing of the Las Vegas galleries. But as I have discovered, life goes on if you are lucky and eventually a "new normal" life takes place.

The collection is over 200 works. Many are Erte hand signed prints, since we worked with this genius for so many years, and were so happy to be able to print and publish the Alphabet and the Numerals along with several portfolios of many of his most beloved images. With Erte and the Estorisks and Frank Rowland and Marcel Salinas and Keith Tomaszewsky and Jack - all of whom worked on the Erte projects - all gone now, I feel the privilege and responsibility of discussing the works we published.

The provenance on almost all these works is directly from the Artist to this collection.

Please contact me if I can be of any help with additional information. I have begun working with some new mid career artists, who are quite different in terms of subject matter and mediums, and will look forward to seeing you at upcoming shows and events throughout the country as their works are introduced the art world and collector friends.

- Carolyn Solomon

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